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JACOB MOORE - Owner/Founder

- Certified NAUI Scuba Diving Instructor

- Diving since 2000

- Public Safety Diver

- Georgia Aquarium Volunteer

- YMCA Lifeguard


As a small child I grew up wishing that "ONE DAY" I could breathe underwater. I watched underwater television shows like Jacques Cousteau and Flipper in amazement! When I became an adult, that "ONE DAY" finally came! I saw a Dive Flag flapping in the wind, and just happened to have one of my first income tax return checks in my pocket. I went into the dive shop, slapped the money on the table, and said, "I've always wanted to Scuba Dive ~ Sign me up and teach me everything you can!" I still fell like that ~ I want to learn everything I can. I have always loved the water, and I would like to pass my passion for the water onto you. So why not join us! Today may be your "ONE DAY"!


-Jacob Moore